3. Working With Interactions and ControlsΒΆ

In ol3, interactions and controls provide a way for users to interact with your map. Controls have a visual representation while interactions are invisible to the user. When you create a map with the default options, you are provided with a few visible default controls. These are: ol.control.Attribution, ol.control.Logo and ol.control.Zoom. The default interactions are: ol.interaction.DragRotate, ol.interaction.DoubleClickZoom, ol.interaction.TouchPan, ol.interaction.TouchRotate, ol.interaction.TouchZoom, ol.interaction.DragPan, ol.interaction.KeyboardPan, ol.interaction.KeyboardZoom, ol.interaction.MouseWheelZoom and ol.interaction.DragZoom.

What this module covers

This module covers the basics of using interactions and controls in ol3. In this module you will create a scale line control and an interaction to select features.

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